Compatible with all conventional shapes, sizes and dressings of hook, including beads, Keatons has been specifically designed as a simple catch care aid for instances, as happens, of 'difficult' hook holds notably with regard to smaller and juvenile fish.

Simply guided along the underside of the line, the particular design of the tip not only ensures the easy underpassing of any potentially obstructive beads or dressing but also, once free, safely angles the hook in such a way so as to negate any further unintentional 'hookups' or snagging upon withdrawal.

Whilst in no way distracting from its primary function, that of catch care, Keatons neither 'chews' flies nor, as inadvertently may happen with forceps, 'nips' or damage knots or tippets.


Naturally all fish are deserving of the greatest care and respect. This said, it is perhaps worth considering that by far the greater percentage of lesser sized Trout and Grayling encountered (those by virtue of their size offering least room for manoeuvre in the event of an 'awkward' hook hold) will inevitably be fish of 'wild' stock.




In terms of 'best technique' the following short video demonstrates possibly the simplest and swiftest method of use.

diagram 1.jpeg


As demonstrated, having established the appropriate tension in the line, via the tapered channel the tip may be guided along the underside of the line to the hook.

diagram 2.jpeg


Fractionally before contact, the taper of the channel ensures that the eye of the hook is elevated enabling the tip to underpass any potentially obstructive dressing or beads.

diagram 3.jpeg


Maintaining line tension, the taper further ensures that once free, the point of the hook is safely nestled to the underside of the Keatons, thus negating any further unintentional 'hookups' or snagging upon withdrawal.



Trout and grayling aside, Coarse fish, either specifically targeted or as a bycatch also, as happens, periodically present the angler with 'difficult' to access or deeper hook holds. In all such instances, the simple use of a Keatons may negate much unnecessary 'fiddling' and thus ensure a safe and speedy release.

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In all instances of catch and release Keatons       recommends the use of barbless hooks.         

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